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Original Versionz – Bringing movies and viewers together

Outstanding movies and new TV shows can’t reach thousands of viewers automatically.
That’s where Original Versionz enters the picture.

Our goal:
Making captivating campaigns that bring movies and viewers closer together.

From our office in Berlin we develop effective cross-media campaigns for cinema, television and online, and Video On Demand.

Our highly experienced network of experts from the production and marketing departments develop creative strategies to ignite a spark that’s sure to catch on among the audience.

Our services


  • Concept development and production of trailers / teasers /Promo trailers/PreRolls
  • Mood trailer creation for development and funding phases
  • Editing and postproduction

TV & Video On demand

  • Concept development and production of TV and image trailers
  • Showreels
  • On air Campaigns
  • Filming and production
  • Concept development and production of trailers for VOD Platforms


  • Concept development and creation of social media content
  • Web campaigns
  • Video On Demand


  • Sound Mix and Sound Design
  • Concept development and production of radio spots
  • Music consulting and licensing
  • Organisation and consulting on Voice Over and Dubbing

Design & Animation

  • Animated Trailers / animated TV Spots
  • Animated logos, titles and text
  • Concept development and production of film posters, print campaigns and CI


  • Consulting and implementation of marketing and communication strategies

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